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Baldons Parish Council News July 16

Baldons Parish Council News


The Queen’s 90th Birthday Tea

A Big Thank You to BEC for organising the celebratory picnic on the village green. It was a lovely informal afternoon. Children made the most of the pony rides and had fun on the slide and families had an enjoyable and relaxing time. It was good that in spite of the clouds and threats of rain that so many came. A great way to celebrate the Queen’s special weekend.


Travellers on the Green

The invasion of the illegal travellers over the bank holiday spoiled the use of the green for many but the Parish Council liaised with Thames Valley Police and the land agents for Queens College who brought in bailiffs to secure the eviction. This was welcomed as although the Police also have the power to act it isn’t always a high priority for them as it is essentially the land owner’s responsibility.   It is almost impossible to prevent these occasional instances but councillors will be discussion with Savills the land agents whether more can be done to manage any future occurrences. The village green was left in a mess but was in the end cleared up fairly quickly by councillors with help from Martin Delafield and Ron Wells.

The recent rain will have finally cleansed the green of any remaining mess.


Flying Drones

During the travellers occupation councillors became aware that villagers had seen a drone flying over their property.   This led to concerns being expressed about issues of privacy and security of property if images are being taken, and a wish on the part of those residents to be able to object to the drone owner and refuse permission.

Thames Valley police have subsequently given us the following guidance.


  • The operation of a drone must not endanger anyone or anything
  • The aircraft must be kept within the visual line of sight of the remote pilot
  • The aircraft must not be flown within 150 metres of any congested area
  • The aircraft must not be within 50 metres of any vessel, vehicle or structure which is not under the control of the person in charge of the aircraft
  • The aircraft must not be flown within 30 metres of any person except for the person in charge of the aircraft


Parking repairs outside the school

The council has agreed to undertake some repairs to the potholes on the verges opposite the school during the school holidays. It is hoped that this can be done with the help of a small group of volunteers on a date to be agreed. If you are willing and think you can help for a couple of hours speak to Lawrence Attewill or Robin Timms


Neighbourhood Plan progress report

The working group preparing the Baldons Neighbourhood Plan will be presenting the results of the work carried out since the last public meeting in the pub at Easter   as part of the Baldon Feast. Please drop in to our stand  on the village green on Saturday 20th August  to see the results of the Housing Needs Survey, and to discuss our preliminary thoughts future development in the Baldons.


OCC cuts in services

The council has received a formal notice that the service 89 bus through the Baldons will cease on 20th July and also that the mobile Library service will be ceasing its fortnightly visit to the school and village green.


Date of next meetings (both 7.30 pm Village Hall):

Monday 11th July

Monday 12th September


From County Councillor Lorraine Lindsay-Gale


Proposals For Unitary Council


As previously reported, Oxfordshire's District Councils have appointed consultants PwC to prepare a report on the future of local government in Oxfordshire, and OCC has appointed consultants Grant Thornton to do the same. The districts' previously preferred option that comprised four unitary councils, including parts of Gloucestershire and Northamptonshire has collapsed because of legislative issues relating to cross-border authorities. It is unclear whether the reduced size of four unitaries that don't include the neighbours could be viable.


PwC will report in June, followed by Grant Thornton in July. All councils will then submit proposals to central government in the autumn, following a period of public consultation. In advance of this, stakeholders can participate in a 'call for evidence' here: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/oxfordshire-evidence. Additionally, town and parish councils are invited to attend workshops to discuss the issues.


Berinsfield Children’s Centre


A Steering Group has been established to support the Berinsfield Children’s Centre which is one of the centres that will see their funding withdrawn under the new arrangements. The Group that includes the County Council, the Parish Council, the Church, Soha Housing, Employment Action Group, Berinsfield Information Centre, The Community Foundation and Action for Children will work to try and keep the Centre open. The Group is seeking opinion and support from Berinsfield residents and the surrounding villages. If anyone thinks they could help to keep this valued facility open please get in touch with either myself or a member of the Parish Council.